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Choose the Non-Surgical Approach to Being Younger!

Your face changes every 7 years! It evolves in subtle ways, but retains your basic bone structure and features. This is why no one should ever consider a “face lift” or other type of ablative procedure until it is absolutely necessary!

We understand your desires to look younger and we also understand the need for these treatments to look natural and have these treatments done in a painless and effective manner.

What makes us different is what makes us unique! We give results and not treatments. Blending medicine with aesthetics.

The Art Behind The Science

Botox and fillers are not difficult procedures to perform. So what makes for a good botox or filler treatment?

Experience and training; Dr. Adriana Gonzalez will listen to all of her patient’s concerns and can suggest a natural look or denervated look depending upon the patient’s desire.

Injectables are an art. Different skin types, genders, asymmetry, and being able to know the proper doses and placements to give that natural, healthy look requires an artistic eye.

Don’t be fooled by advertisements offering extreme discounted prices for botox or medical spas where non-physicians are administering these medicines. They have not gone through the extensive training or have the background to properly administer these products, despite what they might want you to believe as they perform these procedures under the supervision of a physician. See for yourself the difference a physician makes in accessing and in achieving your aesthetic desires safely and effectively.